Chiang Mai Night Safari is a generous and rare safari that allow visitors to appreciate a variety of animals species. They care of 1,400 animals from over 134 species, many of them are species threatened. To preserve these species Chiang Mai Night Safari recruit these animals for healthing them, taking care of them and train them.

Night Predators

Discover the hunters of the night, the night predators reputed for their discretion and vigilance. Everybody wish to have an experience with these animals and look at their behavior in their native environment. Participate to this event, an experience to do at least one time in your life.
Animal list : bear, smooth-coated otter, porcupine, wild boars, hyenas, tigers, lions.

Tiger Show

Participate at the Tiger Show, look at these massive and attractive animals jump through metal rings. During this show you could appreciate the most exotic species from India, the Indochinese white tiger and the white lion performances during the show.

Children World

Discover a new activity for children to stimulate learning a wide range of skills for young people, such as Chiang Mai’s largest ball house. Unique outdoor fun and like any other. All day from 11.00am to 7.00pm.

Musical Fountain and Water Screen

Visitors can admire the Musical Fountain with Water Screen, the largest in the country. Another technology from Germany with a height of over 12 meters and wide 20 meters. From Monday to Sunday at 08:00 pm and 09:10 pm.

Activities & Schedules

Activity Start
Jaguar Trail Zone
11:00am 9:30pm
Children World / Digital Zoo
11:00am 7:30pm
Girafe, bar & restaurant
11:00am 11:00am
Tiger Show
Night Predators Show
5:20pm – 6:50pm 8:40pm
Parades Activities Night Safari 6:00pm 6:15pm
Safari Dancing Show 6:00-7:00 8:00-9:00
Elephant show 6:10pm 6:20pm
Horseman Show 7:15pm 7:25pm
Musical fountain & Water Screen 8:10pm 9:10pm


Activity Adult Child Open
Jaguar Trail Zone
(walking only)
3 € 1,50 € 11:00am 9:30pm
Day Safari 23 € 11 € 3:00pm 4:30pm
Night Safari 23 € 11 € 6:50pm 11:00pm

Free shuttle bus


Child Price = a child whose height is between 101cm to 140cm
Free entry = a child whose height is under 100cm
Departure time by tram ride : 6.50pm / 7.30pm / 8.30pm / 9.30pm /10.00pm
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