All you need to know

What kind of trip should I expect ?

En Route Bikers is a professional tour company that cares about all details and garanty the tranquility of mind you reach. Our tours are planified and structured including a Front Biker, mechanical support and licensed tour guide. A van or 4×4 vehicle will close the road and will take care of your luggages and will have an eye of every bikers for their security. A motorcycle check up will be made each morning before the departure.

The Honda CB650F, Yamaha MT-09 and Kawazaki ER6N motorcycles used for the tours are particulary chosen to be adapted on the Thai roads. Our tours are predefined and start from 1 day to 5 days. For more informations, please check details in our Calendar and booking.

Our tours cover approximately 200km per day using good scenic roads with really low trafic. Some days are bit longer than others. No panic, our trip is not only riding all the day. You could also enjoy the viewpoints, relaxing in waterfalls, visit temples and breathtaking landscapes while traveling and discovering Thai heritage.

How Can I participate to the road trip ?

You can process a booking in order to participate one of the En Route Bikers tour. How to do? It is very easy. You book the road trip that you preselected on En Route Bikers website at Calendar & Booking. You will received by mail your bill that will pre-confirm your place on the tour. Our team will be in charge to send you another mail including the terms and conditions that you should sign and send back to us. Once your booking has been confirmed by our team, you have accepted the terms and conditions set out by En Route Bikers.
Attention, the company En Route Bikers doesn’t consider telephonic conversations and verbal contract as a guarantee of your booking.

How do I pay to join the road trip ?

Once you have booked your tour, the following terms of payment apply:
– A deposit of 500€ per biker and per couple are payable upon booking of trips longer than 2 days. The 1 and 2 days tours are payable upon the booking.
– The balance must be paid in full 60 days before departure. If the payment is late that means your booking might be cancelled according to our cancellation policy.
– If your booking is made within 60 days before the departure, the full amount shall to be paid upon booking.
– You can pay through your credit card. We do accept Mastercard and Visa. Or by bank transfer direct to our account. For payment through credit cards, a 4% surcharge is applicable.

Cancellation tour by the company

A tour might be cancelled by En Route Bikers. For example: if there are not enough participants to make the tour viable or due to other duly filled out causes. What may happen then? En Route Bikers will make every effort to offer the customers an alternative departure date. If a convenient date cannot be found for the customers, En Route Bikers undertake to refund the full amount as per our cancellation policy. For more details, please consult our page We will not offer any additional forms of indemnity.

Travel Insurances

It is highly recommended to have a personal traveling insurance that should cover medical, rapatriation, liability, travel cancellation and personnal incident as minimum. You can obtain it from your home country with coverage of driving or being a passenger on a motorcycle of 250cc or upon.
This means that each participant carry his own risk of any need of coverage regards and other related personal incidents.
En Route Bikers company has no liability whatsoever.

Motorcycle Insurance

En Route Bikersmotorbikes come with following insurances.

Included the Third Party Liability insurance, 500€ deposit in case of a damage must be transfer by credit card (Visa / Mastercard) or by cash. The company refund the full amount of the deposit at the end of the trip (if no damage occured). In case of damage the amount deductible will be based upon the rental comapny list price for parts needed to be replaced upon evaluating the damage of the motorcycle.

For further details, please contact us at:

Which original documents are required for the tour ?


Passport must have a validity period over 6 months before entering in Thailand.

Driving License

NON ASEAN driving licence holders who wish to drive vehicles in Thailand must hold a valid Driving Licence from their home country and an International Driving Licence.
The International Driving License must be used with a copy of the driver’s passport and driving license from their home country during the road trip.

What should I bring with me ?

Essential Personal items

Items you can easily bring or buy upon arrival:
– Sun cream to protect face, neck and arms
– Sunglasses
– Camera / Gopro
– Rain coat
– Adapter for Thai plugs


The hot season runs from March to October but it’s also the raining season period. We recommend to wear light summer clothes and your personal rain coat (if you have one) in case of rain. In case of need, you can bring a jacket for nights.

The cold season runs from November to February. We recommend to bring light and warm clothes.

Motorcycle top box

The bikes used for the En Route Bikers trips all are equipped a top box for your belongings you may need during the day. The rest of your lugguage will be carry by the van or 4×4 vehicle. Once arrived at the hotel, our staff will drop your luggage at the entry of your room. Please note that each participant is limited to 1 luggage. You can leave what you do not need at our office in Chiang Mai or at your hotel.

Behavior expected from the biker on the road

In accordance with the Highway Code of Thailand you shall respect rules to be followed during the tours organized by En Route Bikers. Every participant must respect speed limits, safety rules and he/she will be solely responsible for his/her motorbike while the whole journey.
As members travel in a group, each one should be careful not to endanger the safety of the other participants with his/her behavior.
If these basic rules are not respected, the participant will be held as the only responsible of any damage caused or any fines given and in the worst case refused to continue the trip.

Wearing the helmet

Wearing a helmet is ALWAYS mandatory for people riding a motorbike. DO NOT forget to put on your helmet. If you wish, you can bring your personal helmet or buy a new and cheap one in Chiang Mai. We can suggest you shops around our area.

Tour Guides and Traveller Groups

Tour Guides

En Route Bikers works with TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) licensed tour guides who are overall responsible for the tour when riding in Thailand. All trips have an experienced Front Biker who is biker enthusiasts, as well as specialist of organized tours in the area. En Route Bikers trips are staffed by a Front Biker on a motorcycle riding in front of the group and a licensed tour guide in the support van or 4×4 that accompanies the group. The Front Biker opens the route while the tour guide close the route.
All En Route Bikers staff’s are experienced professionals and their task is to garanty the safety and the joy of everyone while following the tour schedule as far as possible. As they have the full responsaibility of the group, they have the authority to stop the group in a safety place in case of heavy rain during the tour.

Support van or 4×4 vehicle

All trips with En Route Bikers include a support van or 4×4 vehicle by the tour guide. The van is carrying luggage and eventual passengers accompanying the tour. Your luggage will be drop at your room door after each arrival at the hotel. Please note that due to limited space you can only bring ONE luggage.

On the Route

The different stage of the road trip

The daily schedule won’t be challenging even if sometimes the distances covered will be a bit long. The tours organized by En Route Bikers feature a well-balanced mix of hours spent on the motorcycle and hours of rest. The distances covered daily may vary and are generally between 150 and 300 km to allow the group to have the possibility of relaxing in waterfalls, discover temples of the region, visit national parks, hiking in mountain until famous breathtaking viewpoint.


The hotels and resorts selected by EN Route Bikers are all beforehand tested and certified to be of good quality, cleanliness and comfort and proper hygiene. These qualities recommended are the most important during our trip. Each guest (single or couple) has his/her own private room. Attention, some nights might be shared with the other members of the group due to the number of limited rooms in the hotel. It will depend on your chosen trip and its period

What and where do we eat during the road trip ?

During the trip, we stop at local and quality restaurants where you can enjoy the wonderful local Thai cuisine. In Mae Hong Sorn and Sukhothai road trips, we will stop the last day at an Italian restaurant on the way back to Chiang Mai. Dinners will be arranged at the hotels we stay. Vegetarian food can be arranged upon request prior to booking.

The weather on the route

The weather in this part of the world is hot and even for some considered as very hot. The hot season runs typically from March to October and downpours and thunderstorms may take place.

The cold season is from November until February, once in the northern mountains it is very pleasant during the day and can be a bit fresh during evenings and early mornings (+10 Celsius degree). During the day the temperature comes up to +25 Celsius degree.

If you drink a lot of water during the day the heat won’t be a problem for you. All the water you want will be available in the support van or 4×4 vehicle and one in your top box. Water is the best protection against sun exposures.

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