Chiang rai is the northernmost province of Thailand.
It is bordered by Myanmar to the north, Laos to the east, Phayo to the south and Chiang Mai to the west.
The north of the province is part of Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Burma converge.
The Mekong River forms the boundary with Laos, the Mae Sai and Ruak River with Burma.
Wat Rong Khun or also-called by foreigners The White Temple is a contemporary art exhibit in the style of a Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai Province.
Main dishes in the area are dishes of curried chicken or shrimp and particularly kaeng khanun (spicy jackfruit curry), kaeng yuak (banana stalk curry), sai ua (grilled pork sausage), and Yunnanese and Burmese rice noodles.
Khao soi is a noodle dish with chicken stock and chicken that is also popular.


The roads are mostly easy to ride. Some parts might be a bit harder than others but all are practicables for real bikers. You must be capable to handle a motorbike over 500cc and do not except to learn how to ride it during the road trip. We plan to ride around 478km which leaves plenty of time for visiting temples, eating and appreciate viewpoints.

Description of the journey

Meeting point at the office at 8.30am followed by a briefing of the day trip.
We start the tour at 9.00am and ride to Wat Thaton Chedi.
We will have a short break in Phrao district around 11.00am, andw e will have a lunch in Thaton and visit Wat Thaton Chedi.
The guide will lead you through the temple with explanations.
You will have time to take photos and could rest for a while, you could walk around and discover this incredible temple before leaving for Chiang Rai.
We will stop at the hotel in Chiang Rai at the end of the day at approximately 5.00pm where we will overnight.
The next day, after a good big breakfast, we will drive to Wat Rong Khun at 9.30am and visit this incredible white temple as much visited by both Thai and foreigners.
On the way back to Chiang Mai, we will stop at a local restaurant for having lunch.
We will arrive at the office around 4.30pm.

Start the tour at the office in Chiang Mai

Have lunch in a local restaurant

Visitez le magnifique Chedi Wat Tha Ton

Crossing mountains and forests to reach Chiang Rai

Sleep in a local hotel and relax at its swimming pool

Discover the extraordinary White Temple of Chiang Rai

Have lunch at a local restaurant and appreciate the view of the reservoir

Coffee break with view on mountains

Road-Trip Prices

Motorcycles Solo Biker Biker + pillion
ROAD BIKE 450€ 600€
CRUISER 520€ 670€
TOURING 590€ 740€

– A deposit of 700€ is required for the motorcycles option “Road Bikes” and “Cruiser”. And 1,000€ for the motorcycle option “Touring”. It is payable at the time of departure and is reimbursed at the end of the trip (if no damage occurred).
– VAT is included in the price.
– Contact us at


Chiang Mai at the office
2 days
Hotel carefully selected by En Route Bikers
Total distance traveled
Approximately 478 km / 297 miles
Daily distance traveled
Approximately 250 km / 155 miles
Stunning scenery – Rural roads – Wat Thaton – Chiang Rai – Wat Rong Khun (white temple)
The road trip starts and ends in Chiang Mai at our office which is located in the center not too far from Chiang Mai International airport and mains hotels.

What is included in our road trip price?

The prices advertised for En Route Bikers trips are transparent. There are NO hidden extras.

– Safety rules, introduction and presentation with the group the first morning before departure.
– Accomodation during the entire trip.
– All meals during the whole itinerary, including water (except alcohol).
– Use one of the latest Honda / Yamaha / BMW motorcycle models with unlimited mileage.
– Fuel during the entire trip
– Entrance fee of national parks and historical sites
– Front Biker leading the group
– Third Party liability insurance
– Detailed tour booklet of the route including itinery, accomodation, maps, rest places, etc.

Please note transfer to your hotel or Chiang Mai airport is not included in the trip but we are happy to arrange this service for you.

What is prohibited ?

Drinking alcohol during the road trip is absolutely unauthorized.
Failure to wear a helmet is strictly prohibited.
Make racing or racing start, driving on the back wheel, failing to comply with safety spaces between vehicles etc. are all prohibited by En Route Bikers.
If one of these conditions are not respected, this will result in the direct exclusion of the participant from the trip and En Route Bikers shall decline all rembursement.

Trip dates

This trip has no fixed departure schedule. Any departure day is available.
For booking a date, please contact us at :

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