The following provisions form the basis of the contract – hereinafter referred to as contract – concluded between the booking party and En Route Bikers as tour company.
The booking can be effected by via online, in writing, per phone call or verbally. En Route Bikers should right after confirm in writing the booking if the contact is known of the client and is given to En Route Bikers.
The trip contract is concluded between the booking party and En Route Bikers. If the parties agree on the material parts of the contract (price, date and proposed services). This results in rights and duties for the client and En Route Bikers.


A valid passport is required for travels abroad. En Route Bikers shall inform the client about passport and driving license provisions. En Route Bikers provides only preliminary traveling information and it does not furnish any legal advice and shall not be responsible for its advice. The client himself is responsible for compliance with these regulations.


In addition to the information obligations on passport and driving license, En Route Bikers furnish all general requested information about each trip. The service descriptions in the brochure are valid at the time of the booking as well as the other information contained that are the subject matter of the tour contract, except if differing previous agreements have been made at the booking. Such agreement shall be made in writing and contain the following information:
(1) Name of the Tour Company, address and tourism licence number
(2) Traveling duration
(3) Number of tour guide
(4) Minimum number of clients in case of group tour with a condition of the minimum tourist requirement
(5) Transportation
(6) Accomodation and meals
(7) Tour fee and payment


4.1. Cancellation without cancellation fees
If the client already made a full or partial payment of the road trip fee to En Route Bikers and cannot travel due to his own reason and it is by no means a fault of En Route Bikers. The client has 2 options; he/she can terminate the contract prior to the journey. In such event, En route Bikers shall refund to the customer an amount at a rate specified in paragraph 9.1 (cancellation fees for trip including rental vehicle) by En route Bikers. Or he/she can change the contract and request for participation in other comparable journey program if En Route Bikers is able to provide the same.
When cancelling the contract attention should be paid to: The main client may inform En Route Bikers which road trip has been booked and at any time that he/she will cancel the contract. In case of cancellation, it is recommended to do this by registered letter or personally, with a simultaneous written declaration or e-mail.

4.2. Absence
If the client does not show up at the departure point without any prior notification to En Route Bikers, or if he/she misses the departure for any negligence for which he/she is responsible or he/she does not want to join the trip for any incident that happened to him/her. In this kind of situation, the tour fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


En Route Bikers will be released from its obligations under the contract if a minimum number of participants in the trip is not achieved and if the client has been notified about the cancellation in writing or by e-mail within 46 days before the departure of the road trip.

En Route Bikers will be released from its obligations under the contract if its cancellation is based on force majeure, i.e. due to exceptional and unpredictable events.(e.g. strikes, war, governmental orders or situations similar to war, natural disasters, epidemics, extreme weather conditions, etc…).


En Route Bikers is free from its obligations under the contract if within the scope of a group travel, a client disturbs the travel performance by improper behavior, even despite warnings. En Route Bikers has the right to terminate the remaining road trip schedule due to the customer’s fault. Moreover, the customer is obliged to compensate En Route Bikers for the damage he has caused as well as no refund of any part of the tour fee will take place.


During travel the tour company shall not change the traveling schedules without the customer’s agreement except for the event of force majeure, extreme conditions and other reasons mentioned in paragraph 5.2. In case of changes to the service after travel begins, En Route Bikers is responsible and shall proportionately refund the service fee to the customer save except if the change is for a comparable or better replacement.
If it turns out after the departure that agreed services are not or cannot be provided, En Route Bikers shall make suitable alternative arrangements so that the road trip can be continued. If these arrangements are impossible, or these are not accepted by the clients for good reasons, En Route Bikers shall bring back the customer, at no extra cost, with transport back to the place of departure. Furthermore, in the case of non-performance or improper performance of the contract, En Route Bikers is obliged to assist the client to the best of its abilities in the solution of the incident or incidents.


When the customer registers for one of our road trips, he/she is offering to enter into a legally travel contract with En Route Bikers, which will be accepted by En Route Bikers. if En Route Bikers supplies a written confirmation of travel. To proceed the booking you have 2 options :

Option 1 : The payment by Paypal on our website is a fully payment.
1st step: book on our website and click on calendar&booking by choosing the date and the trip you wish.
2nd step: choose how many motorbikes you would like and click on « choose an option » and click « yes or no » for the pillion.
3rd step: follow Paypal steps

Option 2 : Bank Transfer
You can pay via bank transfer. You shall pay a deposit of 40% of the fully amount. The balance of the tour price shall be paid 30 days before the departure of the trip.


Road trips including rental vehicles means tour arrangements that include or require the use of an engine-driven vehicle. Vehicles are not only limited to motorcycles, scooters, private etc.

9.1. Cancellation fees for trip including rental vehicles
Starts from 90th to the 61st day prior to departure – 40% of the road trip fee.
From the 60th to the 41st day prior to departure – 60% of the road trip fee
From the 40th day to the 31st prior to departure – 80% of the road trip fee.
From the 30th day prior to departure – 100% of the road trip fee.

9.2. Absence in the case of travel involving vehicles
Absence means the customer does not appear at the moment of the departure without prior notification to En Route Bikers, whether he/she do not want to travel or if he/she misses the departure for any negligence for which he is responsible or for any incident that happens to him/her. In such case, the tour fee paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

9.3. Vehicle Rental and Security Deposit
Rental vehicles are booked and supplied by En Route Bikers. The vehicles will comply with the rules of road safety in Thailand. No claim can be made on the application of a new vehicle. The client must have in his possession a valid driver’s license If he participates as a driver during the journey. An Evidence of that must be provided at the booking and before to the start of the trip. If this condition is not fulfilled, En Route Bikers reserves the right not to hand the rented vehicle over and to exclude the client from the tour. In such a case, En Route Bikers doesn’t have the obligation to refund payments and is not liable for the additional costs arising for the customer because of that. En Route Bikers can offer more precise details about rental vehicles and their specifications if customer wishes it. The company will endeavor to make available the model of vehicle that the customer has booked during the reservations but we reserve the right to offer him another similar model in case of unpredictable events (e.g. accidents, theft, technical defect). Any further liability on En Route Bikers’s part is thus ruled out. Security deposit is payable upon motorcycle hand over through PayPal or by cash. The company refund the full amount of the deposit at the end of the trip (if no damage occurred). In case of damage the amount deductible to be based upon the rental company list price for parts needed to be replaced upon evaluating the damage of the motorcycle. En Route Bikers is not obliged to replace a damaged vehicle during a tour, but will try it out most to do so. If a rental vehicle develops a technical defect, the customer has to report that to En Route Bikers immediately and we will do it out most to repair or replace the vehicle if possible.

9.4. Driving license and driving ability
To complete the booking the client shall declares that he/she possess a valid Driving License from his home country and in additional, an International Driving License for motorbike over 500 cc for taking part in the road trip for the period of travel and has the necessary driving ability, physically, mentally and technically to control a vehicle booked, safely on the road. The client must also declare that he/she has experience of driving motorbikes above 500 cc for at least a total of 5,000 km. In case of, prior the departure, the customer lost or has had driving license withdrawal, he/she must informs En Route Bikers of all changes that affect his/her participation in the trip. If the customer possess no more his/her driving license, En Route Bikers reserves the right to ends up the booking and the reimbursment. En Route Bikers is exempted from further contract fulfilment.

If a minimum of 2 experienced employees from En Route Bikers determines that a customer lacks of experience upon the first day group trip and he/she is not capable to drive the rental vehicle booked and clearly creates a danger for himself and for other participants of the trip. En Route Bikers reserves the right to terminate the remaining tour at the client’s fault and no refund of any paid tour fees shall take place.


The client who joins the trip shall respect the road traffic during the whole trip. It is his/her own responsibility if he/she must bear any fines, penalties or similar charges including damage to a third party’s person or property attributable to his/her abuse of local traffic regulations.


All customers must have a good general state of health corresponding to the road trip description. Trip members who do not fulfill these general conditions in advance may be excluded from participation in the entire road trip without any claim on En Route Bikers arising from that. Consulting a doctor is recommended before to start the trip. A medical certificate must be presented to En Route Bikers, if requested, in case of doubts from a tour member’s state of health. During the day, while riding the motorcycles, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic drinks or medicines that affect his/her ability to drive. Participants have the right to drink alcoholic drink at the end of the day, when the vehicle has been safely parked for the night at the hotel. If the customer does not respect these conditions, En Route Bikers shall then terminate the remaining travel at the customer’s fault and no refund of remaining service fee shall take place.


It is not allowed to drive the motorcycle after the road trip’s driving hours. That start from the moment where the vehicle is parked at the end of a day at the hotel until the official departure of the next day tour laid down by En Route Bikers.


The customer is responsible in any case for all personal injuries and damage to property caused by his/her intentional misconduct or negligence and shall indemnify and hold En Route Bikers harmless against all third party claims asserted directly on En Route Bikers in connection with such injuries and/or damage. These damages caused by his/her intentional misconduct or negligence in lack of driving ability, disorderly driving behavior and/or driving mistakes(e.g. make racing or racing start, driving on the back wheel, failing to comply with safety spaces between vehicles etc.).


The guide provided by « En Route Bikers » gives only an approximate driving route so it is the own responsibility of the customer to follow the route and is obliged to adapt his/her driving style and ability to the prevailing circumstances. In case where the customer is not capable to maintain the pace then he/she must stop and not drive any further it and return at the departure point which means at En Route Bikers office. The customer is personally responsible to arrange properly his items in his luggage that will be tidy in the support vehicle. It is recommended to keep your personal valuables and documents in the top box and not in the support vehicle’s luggage.


15.1. Personal Travel Insurance
It is highly recommended to have a personal traveling insurance that shall cover medical, rapatriation, liability, travel cancellation and personnal incident as minimum. You can obtain it from your home country that can cover the driver or the passenger on a motorcycle of 250cc or upon.
This means that each participant carry his own risk of any need of coverage regards the above mentioned topics and other related personal incidents.
En Route Bikers company has no liability whatsoever.

15.2. Motorcycle insurance
Included the Third Party Liability insurance, 500€ deposit in case of a damage must be transfer by PayPal or by cash. We refund the full amount of the deposit at the end of the trip (if no damage occurred). In case of damage the amount deductible to be based upon the rental company list price for parts needed to be replaced upon evaluating the damage of the motorcycle.


During the trip, photos and videos taken by En Route Bikers representatives belong officially to En Route Bikers. En Route Bikers has the right to use such material for advertising purposes without costs for En Route Bikers vis-à-vis participant, even if participant is identifiable on them. En Route Bikers has the right to give these informations to his own tour partners. If the participant refuses to share his/her personal informations (e.g. name, adresses,etc…) he/she must write a letter stating that she does not wish to share her personal information.


En Route Bikers reserves the right to make any break during the tour if the weather forces us to do so. En Route Bikers does not assume any responsibility for bad weather conditions that may occur and in this respect the participant has no claim of any kind whatsoever for refund on the road trip price.


The legal relationship between customer and En route Bikers shall be governed exclusively by and construed in accordance with Thai law.

Chiang Mai March 10, 2017
En Route Bikers Co.,Ltd